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Other security fencing >> Railing

We supply and install all manner of decorative and security railings - examples of which can be seen in the pictures shown here.
Again we can manufacture to each individual customer's requirements and specifications or advise on different types to suit these requirements.
1. Bow Top Fence
2. Diamond Cut/Tubular Hollow Section Railing's
Flat-Solid Bar Railings
Vertical Bar Railings: Xiangyu offers a range of modern railing systems that are either welded or weld-less in construction. Strong and durable, railings are able to withstand great impacts and are extremely resistant to vandalism. Xiangyu’s range, however, is also extremely attractive and as a result Xiangyu’s railings are often specified in public areas.
Solid and Rigid - A design for every application

Bollards and Rails

Stylish bollards incorporating rail systems

For the areas that need rail protection along with sympathetic design, we offer a bollard and rail system incorporating most types of steel bollard. Simply let us know your requirements, and we will do the rest. Most bollard designs can be incorporated into a rail system.
Bollard and rail system featuring slight gap rails with staggered bars. Size: Infill rails length: 1.0 m, 1.5 m and 2.0 m.
Infill rail height: 940mm including sight gap, or to suit requirements.

Balconies and Grills

A variety of balconies can be manufactured to clients specification galvanized and PVC to any colors.
These can be manufactured at a relatively low-cost; giving very good value for money.
Prestige developments can also have a themed fence manufactured to enhance the overall aesthetic appearance.

Barriers and Park Rails

Heavy Duty Barriers

Generally used in heavy foot fall areas such as train stations, bus stations and inclined areas where it is essential that the pedestrian is protected.
Finish: Galvanized and powder-coated if required.
Size: To suit client requirements.

Meshed Barrier System

Generally used in areas where open space abuts paths and gardens. Or can be used as a safety barrier where pedestrians and especially children need to be kept away from high volume traffic or dangerous areas.
Fixing: Root system
Size and lengths: To suit requirements

Pedestrian Guard Rails

UK Standard Pedestrian Guard Rails

Hurdle Panels Galvanized

50 x 30 box selection with a choice of infill bar diameters: 12mm, 16mm, 20mm in round or square section. Standard straight infill bars which is 900mm high. Panel length is 1830mm or 2000mm or to suit requirements. Hurdle Panels Galvanized with 200mm sight gap, 50 x 30 box section with a choice of infill bar diameters: 12mm, 16mm, 20mm in round or square section.

For free friendly advice, technical help, or to arrange a free survey & quotation - please contact:
These highly visual deterrents can go from a basic, economical design to more decorative, ornamental styles. Standard grilles are made from 40mm x 10mm  flat bar with 16mm solid steel bars welded in position and gaps of 100mm between rails. If the grilles are to be on view then we can add ornamentation such as gold arrowheads to create a more aesthetically appealing look.
Other specifications can be accommodated as per your requirements.

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Diamond Cut/Tubular Hollow Section Railing's>>>
Solid and Rigid - A design for every application>>>

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