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Industrial Fencing

blue head
Palisade fencing manufactured by McArthur Group is produced in profile sections with two grades of specification - 'GP' for General Purpose or 'SP' for Security Purpose. The McArthur Group offer their Palisade fencing with either traditional 'D' section pales or 'W' section pales in a full range of heights from 1.2 metres up to 3.6 metres. All fences are manufactured from material sizes specified within the requirements of British Standard 1722 part:12 1990

yellow head
A comprehensive range of sections, heads and fasteners provide the opportunity to select specifications to suit the security requirements of individual sites. The choice of securing McArthur pale sections with M8 rivets or high tensile bolts with anti-vandal fasteners can increase the security of the fencing to your projects.

McArthur palisade gives you a choice of pale sections in either traditional 'D' profile or 'W' section profile. For security purposes ('SP') both profiles are rolled in wider and thicker steel, giving additional strength. General purpose ('GP') fencing is produced in a thinner profile making it ideal for economic security where a lower fence height is sought. McArthur Palisade is available in a wide colour range, just roll the mouse over the colours under the pale tops to preview a small variety of the different colours available.

All materials are dispatched to site in component form for rapid assembly. A key feature is that McArthur palisade fencing will follow the profile of sloping ground - this not only prevents the need for 'stepping' but also any consequential security gaps below the fencing.

palisade red
With future security needs in mind, the posts supplied with McArthur palisade fencing have the option of extra top fixing holes. These will facilitate the addition of further security measures - devices such as barbed wire, razor tape or even our Top Security Anti-scale Barrier - saving the need for costly site work which would also cause damage to the protective coating.

green head
All materials are supplied hot dip galvanised to BS 729 specification as standard. Where there is a requirement for a more pleasing appearance with long term maintenance benefits, galvanised steel components can be coated with Fencecoat 25, a high grade polyester resin coating system available in a choice of colours.

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