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The chain link is applicable in all kinds of fencing in the following sectors:
Industrial: factories, warehouses, general companies.
Residential:  housing developments, sport facilities.
Farming:  plots of land.
Public infrastructure:    roads, motorways.
It is recommendable to choose the most suitable surface finish according to the environment to which the product is exposed.
In polluted, saline or very humid atmospheres, or generally speaking in environments that have very high corrosion rates, we recommend using trellises with heavy galvanized or galvanized and plastic-coated finishes.

Xiangyu manufactures a broad range of chain links, which can be split into the following categories depending on the wire used:
Normal galvanized: manufactured with galvanized annealed wire.

Heavy galvanized: manufactured with heavy galvanized annealed wire in accordance with the  standards for zinc layers. (Triple duration against corrosion).

Plastic-coated: manufactured with galvanized wire subsequently plastic-coated by extrusion. The standard colors are green and white. It is possible to manufacture them in any other color upon request.

Delivery method:

Compact 25-metre-long rolls for widths between 750 mm and 2500 mm inclusive and for openings of 40 and 50 mm.

The selvages of the compacted rolls are protected with crimped paper in order to facilitate unwinding.

Not compacted 25-meter-long rolls for all other widths and openings.
Shorter rolls is for very heavy types of mesh.

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