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Xiangyu Galvanizing is a proven provider of powder coating finishes for a wide range of commercial needs.
When applied to a galvanized substrate, powder coating provides a long lasting, low-maintenance and colorful finish ideal for architectural metal work, fencing gates, street furniture and other mild steel products. Today’s powder coating technologies also open up a vast potential for exciting and diverse effects, from metallic finishes to colors in varying gloss levels.
As approved applicators of Akzo Nobel powders and with long expertise to provide a wide variety of durable powder coating finishes that meet out clients needs for performance and aesthetics.
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The powder coating process centers on the application of color to metal using an electrostatic spray. The metal is then oven cured to form a coating in any own of a wide range of colors and gloss levels.
Although powder coating will not protect against corrosion when applied to un-galvanized exterior steel work, it will do so on galvanized steel, where the integrity of the final powder coated finish can be guaranteed for as long as 25years.
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Achieving a quality powder coating finish on a galvanized substrate requites an in-depth knowledge of both galvanizing and powder coating. Xiangyu Galvanizing has many years’ experience of both processes.
With a proven track record in the production of both coatings from a single production facility, the  company has the know-how to maximize the benefits that powder coating provides.
Once a material has been galvanized, our technicians smooth all its surfaces in order to achieve the best quality powder coating finish. All the components of the material are then subjected to a meticulous 10-stage pre-treatment procedure, starting with the application of a zinc phosphate conversion coating. The material then undergoes oven drying to reduce the possibility of pin holes.
Once pre-treatment is finished, our operatives apply the powder coating using their expertise to attain coatings that comply with all British and European standards and that match the imagination of the designer. The careful observation of quality control procedures governing chemicals, degas oven, curing oven and final inspection ensures that each client receives an attractive and high quality product, whatever the project. This painstaking attention to detail is maintained through to delivery, with finished goods palletized and fully shrink wrapped prior to dispatch to provide extra protection.
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Xiangyu Galvanizing is experienced at producing all styles and colors of powder coating finishes for a diverse range of contracts and needs.

In Comparison to other corrosion protection systems, Hot Dip Galvanizing provides protection to both side surfaces of hollow sections. For this to be successfully carried out, fabrications need to be vented allowing the zinc to enter at the lowest point and for the free passage of air to escape at the highest point (see above). This is a most important consideration at the design stage of a fabrication, as inadequate venting can lead to potential production problems.

Wire and steel fencing systems are coated either to give weather protection, or to improve their appearance, or both.
A basic level of weather protection is given by having the products galvanised (coated in a layer of zinc) and the vast majority of wire and steel fencing systems come with this level of protection as standard.
A rapidly growing proportion of customers are now also requiring a polyester powder colour coating on top of the galvanised coating. This coating is achieved by baking the powder onto the product at high temperatures to produce an extra layer of weather protection for the fence, thereby increasing its life expectancy, as well as making it more attractive in appearance than a plain galvanised finish.
There is a huge range of colour choice with polyester powder coatings but all manufacturers offer only a very small number at a standard price with the rest being priced on application and, not surprisingly,they will normally more expensive. Most manufacturers have at least green (ral 6005) and black (ral 9005) as standard and some have blue, red, and grey within their range as well.

Traditional painted systems are still available but not normally recommended by Xiangyu as their cost is normally far higher than for a polyester coating and yet in many instances the finished product may not be as good.

The Hot Dip Galvanizing process has been around for one hundred and fifty years. The process is a means of protecting steel against corrosion. Protection is by means of coating the steel work with zinc. The process is carried out by cleaning the material in hydrochloric acid to ensure a chemically clean surface. Steel work is then fully immersed into a tank containing liquid zinc held and controlled at 450 deg. C. The zinc reacts with the steel surface which forms a series of zinc iron alloy layers which are metallurgical bonded to the steel substrate. This gives a coating which even when damaged in small areas, will provide an impenetrable layer to the steel substrate.

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